Mag Monitors Teams and Condition

In the Mag office, we are a very very customer centric company,  We continue trying to offer better services to our customers. We would request every single respectful customer of hours to read the teams conditions for a better experience:

  1. We follow the international warranty rules for electronic appliances.
  2. We would try to replace the product instantly within 7 days and take 30 to 40 days for the monitor to come.
  3. We provide 3 years official Panel warranty.
  4. In case we are not able to fix the product we will give the customer a new product without any cost if it’s in the warranty period.
  5. If any customer comes with dead pixels with a monitor warranty they must be more than 3 dead pixels.
  6. And Customers must have to carry the warranty card and the box that we provide with the product.